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“StorySelling: How to Gain Trust and Boost Your Bottom Line”

Yep, we have fun at my StorySelling presentations and workshops. (I’ve occasionally been known to break into song during sessions.)

More important, of course, is that participants learn the art of StorySelling, use exercises to brainstorm effective tales, and practice concrete techniques in my presentations and hands-on workshops. No pie-in-the-sky theories, I promise!

Top benefits of the StorySelling presentation…

  • Learn how to tell the right stories the right way to prospects and clients.
  • Gain trust and overcome objections.
  • Quickly build the foundation for an honest, long-term, profitable relationship.
  • Motivate your entire sales team at annual sales meetings, corporate kick-off campaigns, or association conferences.
  • Increase sales to new prospects and repeat customers.

Perfect for these groups:

  • Salespeople in all businesses and corporate industries who sell a product or service.
  • Industry associations serving salespeople.
  • Leaders including supervisors, managers, directors, and executives who want to clearly communicate a vision or cultural change and get employees on board.

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Your team can learn how to tell great stories –
and become master StorySellers.

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