Meet Bruce

I believe in the power of stories and StorySelling

Stories are an essential part of what makes us human. Telling stories helps us share our core values and communicate on a deeper level But there are stories, and then there are GREAT stories that move people to trust you. That’s the power of StorySelling.

Think of me as your “dating” coach

Remember when you were single and met someone really cool? If you had insight into what they liked, this would practically guarantee a second date. Well, I’m your dating coach! When you meet with a prospect, it’s imperative that you begin the relationship on the right foot. Using my StorySelling techniques, you’ll understand how to communicate with prospects to quickly connect, build trust, and move the relationship to the next level.

A brief yarn about how I became a Master Storyteller …

Growing up, rainy days were a delight with a King Feast by the fire! We’d haul nearly every edible item from the kitchen, even the pickled pigs’ feet in the back of the pantry. A fabulous storyteller, my father regaled us with his adventures in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. I grew to love stories.

As an adult and professional storyteller, I have been a:

  • Fulbright Scholar in storytelling (studied the folklore of Thailand)
  • Professional speaker to businesspeople and writers (still am, of course)
  • Corporate speechwriter
  • Corporate change consultant for team building and downsizing
  • Award-winning author
  • Advertising copywriter in Japan
  • Professional actor in Hawaii

I only use my storytelling powers for good!

Remember, the goal of StorySelling is to foster honest connections with your prospects and clients. This builds a solid foundation for ongoing, profitable relationships. To master StorySelling, you must learn how to tell the right story the right way to create an honest emotional connection.

I can teach your team how to tell the right stories the right way — and become great StorySellers.

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