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Punch lines don’t cut it.
The StorySelling key:
Tell the right story the right way.

You might deliver a joke like nobody’s business, with never-miss punch lines. Or tell childhood adventures that explode into belly laughs.

But StorySelling is different!

  • Does your story connect to your listener on an emotional level?
  • Can you tell a story that conveys your integrity, trustworthiness, excellent customer service, or other unique selling proposition?
  • Can you tell the right story theright way to make a salient  point, win trust, and earn business?

Telling great stories is key to becoming a successful StorySeller

Here’s what Jason Weaver, of LPL Financial Services, says:

“For our group – Realtors, financial advisors, attorneys, and mortgage brokers – a great story can make the difference between a sale and analysis paralysis. Bruce taught us 5 crucial components to a masterful story. We now have the tools to truly captivate our audience.”

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Learn how to captivate your audience, win trust, and earn business

In my “StorySelling: How to Gain Trust and Boost Your Bottom Line” presentations and workshops, we’ll step through my “Fundamental 5” – crucial steps to great StorySelling.

  1. Listen first, talk later – This seems self-evident, but ignoring this crucial step can be devastating! During my workshop, I’ll tell stories that will curl your hair.
  2. Look within yourself for stories – Search for experiences, epiphanies, and lessons learned that express your core values. But, like finicky Goldilocks, your story must be juuust right: not too subtle, not too obvious.
  3. The hero with a problem – This is the 1st component of a great story. You or someone you know can be the hero, but choose wisely or beware the pitfalls!
  4. Strong emotions – The 2nd component of a great story, emotions engage the listener. Find a story that moves you, but you must tell it with finesse.
  5. You gotta have a point! – Here, the 3rd component of a great story, you deftly (and quickly) wrap up your tale, leaving your listener with a powerful call to action.

Your team can learn the “Fundamental 5” and become expert StorySellers.

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